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Beautiful – Part 3

This is the final post documenting the courageous act my student Shayla performed to gain funds and awareness for Shayla before and afterChildhood Cancer.  If you missed them, you can read Part 1  and  Part 2 here for the back story.

Today, Shayla wraps up her commentary about her experience of shaving her head in order to “live life” with people who are going through this for real.  I want to thank her for sharing her experience with us.  I urge you to share her selfless act with as many people as you can by sharing this blog post.  I think it’s important for others to know there are real people in this world who are working to make it a better place, who’s hearts are genuine and souls are kind.

Now let’s hear from Shayla….

I believe the first couple of days as I walked with confidence (not arrogant, but simply comfortable with my new look) people noticed that I was happy with my decision and really supported it.

Yes, I did get the occasional rude question of, “Um but why would you do something so extreme?”  But that question I didn’t mind. Not at all.  The night before I prayed that through this, God would allow opportunities for me to share my faith and the love of Christ, and I was granted the opportunity several times.

Shaving my head wasn’t something to do because I was bored- I wanted to do something that would take me outside of my comfort zone, force me to really lean on God for peace and contentment, allow me to join in on a community/population of people who are often overlooked, and be a part of life with them.  I wanted to be intentional with loving someone because God loves us. I hope and pray that Mary, the little sweet girl that I sponsored with all my donations, will realize that she is truly loved, and has the support of many- not just me, but also the support of the people who supported me so that I could support her.

Although I don’t see myself doing this again anytime soon, I would definitely consider doing it again.  Maybe. Regardless of shaving my head though, I do see myself being an advocate for children’s cancer research and rehabilitation and doing what I can to support St. Baldricks Foundation. They’re doing a good thing there.

How was I blessed through this whole thing? Each time someone asks me why I did it, and I get to tell them, I am blessed.  I am blessed because most people I have had the chance to share my experience with have felt moved enough to either want to change their attitude about life and what we take for granted, reflect on how much we allow ourselves to be defined by things that shouldn’t matter, and because some people are still choosing to be a blessing to my fund and give graciously to the cause and to Mary, the precious little girl I chose to sponsor in this.


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