Let's learn to see beyond our own glass bubbles. We live in a world with about 7,177,568,766 unique individuals who have as much right to love and respect as you do. Open. Your. Mind.


The whole reason I started this blog was to reach out to those who were dealing with their child being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  I wanted to share our family’s experiences, struggles and successes in the hopes that others might find hope and help and support along their own journeys.  I wanted to educate, advocate and increase the love, awareness, acceptance and understanding between the people of this world.  I wanted to give people a reason to open their hearts…and minds… to new levels of connecting with the people in the world around them.  I wanted to help them to see with new and better eyes.

On some levels, based on the feedback I have received over the past 2+ years, I believe I have achieved what I set out to do.  This makes my heart very happy.

As I have mentioned, as Eli has gotten older, I feel a sense of anonymity is imperative for him.  I don’t feel comfortable sharing his day to day challenges with the world anymore.  He’s come so far in such a short time!  And he’s growing up.  He deserves to continue on his path at his own pace without being in the spotlight.

So as of today, the blog “Eli’s World” has become something more encompassing.  Its focus is changing from one boy to Diversity as a whole.  There will still be autism related posts and sharing, but I will also expand to include much more.

I hope you will continue to learn from the blog, be willing to embrace those around you with new understanding….or at least a willingness to try….of those who’s stories differ so greatly from your own.

Bear with me as I work to transform the site from Eli’s World to Diversify.

Be loving!


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