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Together Time

Last night I had a meeting from 6:30 – 8 p.m.  Eli was quite displeased I was leaving the house.  He was feeling a little needy and wanted mom.  I assured him that when I came home we would spend some time together.

Our together time usually consists of Eli and I communing in on Ben’s & my bed, door closed, just the two of us.  No one else is allowed to be in the room, not even the dog.

Last night was no different.  We turned on the two lamps that give off a good, subdued lighting.  He with his Kindle and I with my laptop, side by side on the bed.  I wanted to turn on some quiet music but Eli didn’t want that.

“I don’t want music,” he said, motioning back and forth between his position and mine.  “I want….the connection.”

Apparently he felt music would take away from our connection.

So we laid there.  Not really talking.  Just laying side by side in the presence of one another, and Eli was comforted.

It suddenly brought to my mind “Be still and know that I am God.”

I don’t have to speak when I’m in the presence of the Father.  I just have to be near Him, and let Him be near me.

And I am comforted.


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