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Another corner turned

Suddenly, Eli is open to talking about autism.  This is something new.  This is a step in the right direction!

We have talked about many things over the past week.  He’s given me little glimpses into his thought processes.  He’s offered small peeks into where he’s coming from at times.  He’s shown me a security and a confidence within himself that seems to be coming from new understanding, awareness and acceptance of himself, as well as a new willingness to communicate.   And that is a blessing.

On Friday evening, we were having one such talk as the two of us drove to WalMart.

Me: “You know, Eli, this is wonderful that you’re willing to talk with me about these things.  Because I can read all the articles by all the experts, and listen to all the advice from all the professionals and hear all the wisdom from all the Doctors, but NO ONE is going to be able to help explain YOU to me more than You can.  Because you know you best!”

E:  “Yeah!”

Me:  “And I know sometimes it’s really hard to find the words to explain, but the fact that you’re trying, well…that’s just awesome!  It opens up all kinds of communication, and we can help each other so much!  You can hear where your family is coming from, and you can tell us your needs.”

<brief pause>

E:  “I NEED a mansion.”


Who ever said kids on the spectrum don’t have a sense of humor?!


Comments on: "Another corner turned" (1)

  1. Rachel Jeffers said:

    That’s so funny! I also need a mansion. 🙂

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